All Natural Baking Mixes and Foods for a Gluten Free Lifestyle.

All Natural Baking Mixes and Foods for a Gluten Free Lifestyle.

Montana Gluten Free Naked Oats top priority is to provide the gluten free society a nutritional and fantastic tasting oat based product. The Certified Gluten Free (by GFCO) Oats that we use average 20% protein and 15% fiber. We offer GF Oat Groats, GF (cold rolled) Oatmeal, GF Oat Bran, GF Oat Flour, GF Oat Flour Blend, and GF Baking Mixes. We only use two flours in our Naked Oat mixes and our Oat Flour Blend, certified gluten free oat flour and tapioca flour.

At Montana Gluten Free Naked Oats and Montana's Gifts of Nature, LLC, our goal is to provide the gluten intolerant and wheat allergic customer with the finest All Natural Baking Mixes and Gluten Free Flour available. We use nutritious gluten-free whole grain brown rice and bean flours, unrefined sweeteners and all natural ingredients. Our products taste great too!

If you have been diagnosed with celiac sprue, are gluten intolerant, or have a wheat allergy, we can help. Shop our online store, browse our delicious recipes or find more information on celiac sprue disease and gluten intolerance, all from the links above.

If you have any questions, please call us toll free 888-275-0003. 

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Visit our Gluten Free Recipes area to find tasty recipes for the gluten free lifestyle, using Gifts Of Nature All Purpose Flour, as well as all of our Complete Mixes.


Alert - Update 8.30.2013

Dear Valued Customer,

We, (Larry, Karen, and Dean) would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are Montana G-F Nutritional Products, LLC, doing business as Montana Gluten Free Naked Oats. We have recently acquired Gifts of Natures formulas, their customer data base, and the 1-888-275-0003 for phone orders. The products will now be distributed as Montana's Gifts of Nature, LLC.

Bob and Penny chose us because our philosophies are the same: "We are about helping people that have a problem with gluten". We have known and worked with Bob and Penny for 7 years.

Larry was diagnosed 10 years ago as a Celiac. Since that time he has spent many years working on formulas to create nutritional products for himself that he and his wife (a non-Celiac) can both enjoy.

Dean Miller, a farmer, and his two other partners teamed up with Montana State University to bring a new variety of a hull less gluten free oat (the naked oat) to the market. They grow, harvest and process the oats in their gluten free facility that is certified by CFCO.

We now offer our GF Naked Oats products as well as Montana's Gifts of Nature, LLC GF products. Still the same great products that you have been using in the past. You can still place your orders through Larry by calling 888-275-0003, or by e-mail, JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .

Karen, our other partner owns and runs a gluten free bakery in Boise Idaho. It is called Montana Gluten Free of Boise. 1-208-761-7683. the bakery carries our superb line of products as well as baked goods made from our Oat Flour Blend.

We are committed to providing the most nutritional products to our customers.

Bob and Penny will still be working with us in a marketing and sale position thus keeping a great relationship that we have enjoyed over the years.

Our establishment is Certified Gluten Free by CFCO.


Larry, Karen & Dean

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